Autograph and signature

Autograph and signature

Speaking about the personal signature, in everyday life we usually mix such notions as “signature” and “autograph”. We think these two words are synonyms. But is it really so?

The Ozhegov explanatory dictionary defines autograph as “a sign manual, usually a memorable inscription or signature”, while signature as “manually written surname”. Comparing these notions within the personal signature topic we may see similarities and controversies.

Every person is a personality, everyone has his habits and preferences. That is why we have our own unique signature that is convenient only for ourselves. What does it mean? Some invent their signature as a set of initials (monogram), some write simply their surname, some write curling symbols which are clear only for himself. But most often people write their modified surname with some artistic ornaments.   

Thus, we come back to the difference between autographs and signatures. Which definition of a personal signature is the most proper? If a man signs official documents this can be called the “signature” in itself. The most important thing here is a legal bearing: a signature is “a feather in one’s cap” in many bargains, contracts, on credit cards. 

But what if the an author signs his book for his devoted reader? This sign can be called an “autograph”, because it is memorable and is a kind of a souvenir.  

So, to make a conclusion, we could say that there is no a big difference between a signature and an autograph. But, in general a signature is more formal. 

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