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The world of calligraphy is boundless and gorgeous. However, enjoying and practicing calligraphy are two different matters.

Academician Iliya Bogdesko considers the rules of handwriting from the early years of the first millennium to invention of a book printing press.

The author puts an emphasis on mastering a very important skill of broad-nib pen writing. The book methodology, profoundly studied, is to create the basis for brushing up the calligraphic skills. “Be patient and persistent in your studies, and you will be successful”, says the author. A happy journey to the readers!

The book is meant for the amateurs of calligraphy as a “teach yourself” manual, and it will also be interesting for the students of art colleges, advertisement and book designers.

2006 . 170 pages, illustrated.

Iliya Bоgdesko is a participant of International Calligraphic Exhibition. Watch his works here.

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