Calligraphy: Handwritten Scripts of West and East

Calligraphy: Handwritten Scripts of West and East - library

The book is written by a number of well-known professional calligraphers under general editorship of Professor R. Kleminson and contains detailed instructions which will teach the readers the elements of both Eastern and Western calligraphic writing. The book themes range from the history of handwriting to calligraphic instruments used in different countries of the world.

The book also touches upon the origins and development of every font and contains a glossary of the most widely-spread calligraphic terms. The suggested projects will help to master typography and will provide fine ideas for presents.

The book is meant for the experienced calligraphers looking for opportunities to broaden their skills and the beginners trying their hand in this ancient art which is becoming a true breakout all over the world instead of just  being a hobby for a few.

2008, 226 pages, illustrated.

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