Azbukovnik, Petr Chobitko

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“Azbukovnik” was the name for the ancient Russian copy-books used in Russia till the late 1600’s. Nowadays there are no schools or tutors to teach the Old Russian script.

 “Azbukovnik” is a manual giving the elements of the Old Russian script and offering practical tips of mastering the two basic script forms: uncial and semi-uncial. The author has worked out the methodology for studying the uncial and semi-uncial letters which eases the process of writing, grasping of historic models, and their conscious copying.

The book was recommended by the Department of Religious Education and Spiritual Enlightenment of St Petersburg Eparchy.

2008, 112 pages, illustrated.

Petr Chobitko is a participant of International Calligraphic Exhibition. Watch his works here.

Also you may enjoy the video-lessons given by Mr. Chobitko.

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