How to master graffiti?

Graffiti Graffiti is widespreading lately and has almost acquired a status of art . Graffiti became a fashion trend and many people get involved due to its fashion reputation and wish to be famous. There’s no problem about it, but one should remember that  professional  writers don’t tell their names, one can know them only by tag: they work on city streets, often in nights creating real masterpieces of street-art . Get prepared to overcome difficulties in the beginning of your career. 

Before practicing graffiti make a sketch of what you are going to paint on the wall. Then the sketch is transferred to the wall. The sketch itself and  picture on the wall can be different. Many writers ignore sketches, but freshers should better start from sketches.

Usually, as graffiti was imported from the US, writings are painted in English, that’s Latin. However,  writings in Russian are becoming more and more popular.

Graffiti In graffiti there’re several  major and derived styles. No doubt, everyone has it’s own preferences, good  or bad at something, but real masters claim that a real writer should be good at painting in different.

It’s important to remember about the surface of the picture. It will lay jaggy otherwise, the best canvas is pore concrete. Grunted surface makes it better, the metal one must be de-oiled  with help of remover. When painting graffiti one should take care of the background of the main writing, then goes background and lineament. In warm and windless weather goes smoother. When it rains and is cold the paint lays worse and desiccates much longer.

One should bear in mind respirators: paint fumes are very unhealthy for one’s lungs, that could later develop into asthma. Respirators are’d better be used in buildings, as well as in open spaces. Gloves are  important element the writer’s equipment.

In case if the paint seeps, don’t try to prevent it. Wait till it dries up and repaint in color of the background. Capes (balloon pieces) must be cleaned up after every use. Before putting the balloon aside turn it over and press the cape for a few seconds until the paint stops  seeping. If the paint in cape dries up then the piece goes to rubbish. Capes are dispensable materials and clogs with the paint up very often despite proper use. So before painting graffiti take spare capes with you. Plus  before putting a spray to bear the picture, check if the cape is fixed right by jetting on ground or on wall.

Carton or linoleum stencils produced at home  can be used in graffiti. The picture is painted or printed and transferred to the surface of the stencil.  Don’t forget that illegal writer  will punished according to article 167 (deliberate demolition or deterioration of property), article 214 (vandalism), article  243 (demolition or deterioration of cultural and historical sites) of Russian Federation criminal code.

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