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Moscow on March, 2015  

Project Start
December 27, 2007. We started preparations to the world’s largest event in the history of calligraphy: established contacts with calligraphers and art historians, visited museums, libraries, and publishing houses, actively searched for partners and confederates. It was a very eventful, emotionally charged time! We have applied considerable effort to achieve a beautiful and substantial result.

The mission
is to keep the unique art of calligraphy alive for the future generations

Clerical leaders addresses:
Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus ...
Chief Rabbi of Russia ...
Chairman of the Mufti Council of Russia ...

Calligraphy (from the Greek καλλιγραφία — "beautiful handwriting") — is the art of beautiful and clear writing.

Since 2008 the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre has been running the world’s largest project about lettering art – the International exhibition of calligraphy. Its every stage has been a significant milestone in the cultural life of Russia and the interest for the event exceeds the boldest expectations of the organizers. The exhibition was started on September 16, 2008 in St. Petersburg where the I International exhibition of calligraphy was successfully organized in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. The show drew about 68 foremost calligraphers from 26 countries. During six exhibition days the show was attended by seventeen thousand people nine thousand of which were children. More than two thousand people attended twenty-seven lectures and master classes. 

The same year there was established the National Union of Calligraphers and founded the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. In 2009 the Museum was admitted to institutional member society of ICOM (International Museum Council), and in 2010 the Museum initiated the National school of Calligraphy.

The project’s framework includes regular thematic expositions and events: Mystery of the World Calligraphy, Sakura Festival of Japanese Culture, Days of Slavonic Writing, Day of birchbark manuscripts master, master-classes of calligraphers from across the world, other relevant artistic and educational programs.

Then, the II International exhibition of calligraphy was organized from October 14 till November 14, 2009 in Moscow. The show was run under the aegis of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and support of the Ministry for Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation. The three exhibition pavilions totaling over 5,000 sq.m. demonstrated over 500 calligraphy artworks created by 101 calligraphers from 34 countries. The exhibition context included an open contest on Orthodox Calligraphy and 72 master classes with the illustrious calligraphers from a quantity of countries participating. The meticulous attention of the public was attracted to the artworks of the sacral Calligraphy collection. The project was welcomed and blessed by the leaders of the three main religious confessions of Russia: Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chairman of the Council of Muftis Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, Apostolic Nuncio Antonio Mennini, President of the Russian Association of Buddhists, the Karma Kagyu school Alexander Koibagarov. 25 000 visitors came to appreciate the elegance and abundance of the exposition.

In 2009 the exhibition was approved by UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) for high professional level of exhibitions organization, and then in 2010 the project entered the final three of exhibitions World Cup according to Exhibition News Awards (London).

The III International exhibition of calligraphy was held in Velikiy Novgorod, September 10 – 12, 2010. It is the old Orthodox centre of Rus, the treasurer of centuries-long writing traditions. The centerpiece of the exposition was formed by the exhibits from the Sacral Calligraphy collection, that demonstrated the national and cultural diversity and spiritual unity of the contemporary civilization. For three days the exhibition at Yaroslav's Court near the Kremlin was attended by over 37,000 people. The exposition featured works of art by one hundred and thirty-five masters from forty-three countries and 46 workshops of famous calligraphers were successfully run. First everthe audience could attend a lesson of calligraphy on porcelain. The exhibition was supported by the Novgorod area Governor Sergey Mitin, Mayor of Velikiy Novgorod Yury Bobryshev, Archbishop of Novgorod and Staraya Russa Lev.

The IV International Exhibition of Calligraphy was held in the Contemporary museum of calligraphy, Moscow, November 1st — December 15th, 2012. The 4th International Exhibition of Calligraphy presented the chefs d'oeuvre of the world's most beautiful handwriting by one hundred and forty-three calligraphers from forty-four countries. The forty-five days of the Fixed Event Period saw forty-two thousand visitors. This exhibition featured a six-time thematic recharge, allowing not only to display a lot of new works, contributing to museum's exposition, but also previously showcased chefs d'oeuvre, like the famous I Ching Signs by Valeryan Bakharev, comprising 64 hexagrams. The programme featured master-classes and lectures, both adults and children being its target audience. The art of calligraphy is closely connected to music, therefore melodious performances were a pleasant surprise for the guests. The most exotic musical instrument, creating a unique atmosphere for Yekaterina Nazarova's workshop, was Shakuhachi, Japanese flute.

Plans for the future: organize presentations and exhibitions in major world capitals. So, on March, 2015 the regular International exhibition of calligraphy to be held in Moscow in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, where it will be held biannually. Then the project is scheduled to be presented in various biggest cities of the world.

Calligraphy is a painting in letters. Calligraphy is a mystery of symbols and signs, it is reflection of thought, image, character.


Album "Mystery of the world calligraphy"

The project of the International exhibition of calligraphy is being continiously developed. The number of its participants is growing, the exhibition funds are being completed with new artworks which not only facinate but also surprises giving a new look on the calligraphy art and its beauty with multiple facets.

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"You only own a thought,
a word belongs to others.
And the written word is eternal"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
New masterpieces of calligraphy
On March 31, 2015 at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy the second part of the V International exhibition of calligraphy will be available for viewing.

Monday, March 30, 2015
Sharp-pointed Nib Pen Sunday Masterclass
Last Sunday, at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy we hosted a workshop for children "Pointed pen." Calligrapher, illustrator, photographer from St. Petersburg Dina Zhuravleva demonstrated the basics of calligraphy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Sunday master class "The Art of Stained Glass Mosaic"
On Sunday, at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy it was held a master class "The Art of Stained Glass Mosaic." Artist specializing in stain glass from Valery Pereskokov’s ART-Venzel studio, Elena Nechiporenko told the audience about applying technology in the art of stained glass and demonstrated stained glass calligraphy painting.


Saturday, May 09, 2015
Calligraphers – to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory
On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory participants of the International Exhibitions of Calligraphy answered the call of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy to support the project of creating works dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory

Sunday, April 12, 2015
The 5th International Exhibition of Calligraphy
 The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, situated on the premises of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, is to launch the 5th International Exhibition of Calligraphy, the world’s largest project devoted to art of beautiful handwriting, on March 14th, 2015.

Sunday, April 05, 2015
Sunday master class - Art of Japanese calligraphy and Ikebana
On April 5 at the V International Exhibition of Calligraphy Japanese Calligraphers Sasida Takefusa and Hirose Shekou reveal the secrets of Fine Arts of Japan. Participants of the master class will become a part of Japanese calligraphy performance, learn about the value and strength of hieroglyph and the ancient art of Ikebana.

Art of Calligraphy as a Reflection of Human Culture


In order not to lose or forget old traditions of human culture and treasures of writing and calligraphy the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre has organized International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Its main and crucial social goal is to form a beautiful and healthy society by means of calligraphy.

The exhibition was to unite amateurs and professionals who keep studying history of lettering of all countries. Due to support of these people there appeared an opportunity for producing textbooks and e-books which contain well-studied detailed information about the origin and development of writing: Ancient and Old Slavonic lettering, Russian lettering. The number of books in e-libraries is constantly increasing; there appear new materials with analyses of different graffiti styles, works of great artists and calligraphers, everyone can find there recommendations on hieroglyphic writings.

Visiting our site you can become familiar with calligraphy and the world history, obtain all information concerning the history of writing. And today at the International Exhibition of Calligraphy every visitor has a chance to see the most beautiful works, meet and communicate with calligraphers from all over the world and even get some experience in lettering.

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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is frozen poetry.