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Karin Bauer


"I grew up and lived in various southern German towns as well as in Bagdad".

"In 1986 I moved to Hamburg, northern Germany".

"In 1994, after years of working in a transnational company, I decided to completely change my life, to take up western art of lettering study".

“Living in Iraq helped me to get to know the beautiful art of the letter and start my own career in calligraphy. I studied book design and calligraphy under Professor Andersch’s guidance at Hamburg University of Applied Arts, Art and Design Department”.

“In 1997 I opened my own calligraphy studio, worked as a freelance calligrapher and artist. I also frequented professional calligraphers’, photographers’, artists’ master-classes”.

"In 2003 I participated in a master-class at the International Calligraphy Symposium in Sunderland Art School, UK”.

“In 2003-2008 I was the first woman to preside over the International Calligraphy Association Ars Scribendi”.

“In 2003 I became a full member of Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach and Schweizerische Kalligraphiegesellschaft calligraphy associations”. I also participated in international exhibitions in Germany, Veliky Novgorod (Russia), Belgium, Austria, Helsinki (Finland), Korea.


Contemporary Calligraphy with Harp Music at WU-WEI,
Tai Chi and QIGONG school, Hamburg
Interview for ART&GRAPHIC magazine

Socio-cultural Project “Poison Arrow Frogs”

International PaperART exhibition, Korea
LETTER ART gallery, Seoul
Lower Saxony Landscape Design Show, Winsen/Luhe.
International Calligraphy Symposium, Bruges/Belgium
Atelier-Galerie-Exhibition 10th Anniversary

International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Helsinki/Finland.
Bartlhaus font museum /Austria.“And there is still Love ”, June — Sept.
Japanese Teehouse, Botanical Park, Hamburg

IBM Germany – Opening Exhibition
The first exhibition in Germany with 30 pieces of graphics.
Adolf Bernd graphics exhibition in Atelier Gallery on the occasion of the Ars-Scribendi Association Excursion in September
Open air exhibition in City park of Hamburg with Klezmer and harp music, love poems recitals.

Saselhaus, HH Sasel
Dom St. Marien, Winsen Hamburg
St. Michel, Hamburg – The Song of Salomon — Latin and Hebrew banner with reciting by Gerlach Fiedler and violin music

Maulbronn Monastery, Maulbronn
Participation in the International Calligraphy Prize Exhibition, Westerlo/Belgium
Master class 2002 Sunderland Art School/GB
Participation in PaperART 2002 exhibition, Hamburg
Ringelnatz Poetry at the Joachim Ringelnatz Community Exhibition

Environment Control Agency, HH
Kurhaus Bad Zwischenahn
The Holy Ghost Hospital, HH
DEA-Konzern-Galerie, HH
Church of Michelstadt/Odenwald

History Institute, Novgorod/Russia
Galerie Rosenkranz, Chemnitz (Saxony)

IBM Germany
Lübeck Cathedral
Galerie ARTICA, Cuxhaven
ECE, Hamburg
The City of Aasiaat, Greenland
City Ludwigsburg b. Stuttgart/Germany.
GDF-Wuestenrot, b. Stuttgart/Germany.
Fronius International, Austria
Karin  Bauer
Karin Bauer
Calligrapher, designer
(Hamburg, Germany)

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